Painting, album (detached folio)



Ibrahim ‘Adil Shah II venerates Sufi (A) + calligraphy (B). Single-page painting and calligraphy on a detached album folio. Side A: ruler is shown with Sufi shaykh, possibly of the Qadiri order, presenting him with a flask and goblet while a young servant or attendant stands behind the spiritual master, fanning the latter with a cloth. Inscribed. Side B: Calligraphy containing poetic text and signature. Ink, opaque watercolour and gold on paper.

Object type:

painting, album (detached folio)

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Deccani School (A side)~Bijapur Style


Adil Shahi dynasty (A side), Mughal dynasty (B side)


1620-1627 (circa (A side))~1733-1734 (AH 1146 (B side))

Production place:

Made in: Bijapur (A side)


paper, gold




Height: 42.00 cm (page) Width: 29.50 cm (page) Height: 16.20 cm (image) Width: 11.70 cm (image)


Inscription details: signature (Side A, bottom of the painting on the outer green border) in Persian in Nasta‘liq script Inscription quoted: Inscription transliteration: nashquhu khana-zad `Ali Riza Inscription translation: Drawn by the house-born (servant) `Ali Riza Inscription: Inscription details: inscription (entirety of side B) in Persian in Nasta‘liq script Inscription quoted: Inscription: Inscription details: signature (Side B, two-thirds down at left) in Persian or Arabic in Nasta‘liq script Inscription quoted: Inscription transliteration: kutubuhu al-maznab Muhammad Musa al-Husayni ghafar zi nawba [?] Inscription translation: Written by the ... Muhammad Musa al-Husayni ...



Exhibition history:

Exhibited: 2015 14 Apr-26 Jul, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 'Sultans of Deccan India, 1500-1700: Opulence and Fantasy' 2012 Sep – 2013 Apr, BM G91, ‘Ritual and revelry: the art of drinking in Asia'


sultan/sultana, shaykh, servant/domestic worker, attendant

Associated names:

Representation of: Ibrahim `Adil Shah II~Representation of: Sufi

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Purchased from: Terence McInerney Fine Arts Ltd (New York) Funded by: Brooke Sewell Permanent Fund

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Curator's comments:

Sultan Ibrahim 'Adil Shah II, the ruler of Bijapur, is depicted presenting a jewelled golden glask and goblet to a Sufi shaykh seated under a canopy in the foreground. At right, a young servant stands behind the shaykh and fans him. Reattributed from 1620-30 to ca. 1620-27 based on end of Ibrahim `Adil Shah II's reign in1627. (L. Akbarnia, 29/05/13)